Are you looking to create an exercise challenge for your workplace?

How many employees do you have?
How long will your challenge run for?

Create a healthy and happy workforce

Company-wide exercise challenges can improve employee health, social bonding, and workplace productivity.

Your staff can easily track their daily progress online or on their mobile phone

Everything you need to run a successful workplace challenge

Our bespoke system allows you to set up an exercise-based challenge for your company and provides you with a unique and flexible platform that you can tailor to your specific needs.

An active workforce is a motivated workforce

A workplace that promotes an active lifestyle means a happier and more productive workforce. Encouraging your employees to participate in healthy living initiatives can greatly increase their mental and physical wellbeing, and this can directly benefit your organisation. Healthy employees take fewer sick days and contribute to a positive work environment, and that's better for everyone.

We are here to make this as simple and fun as possible for you and your staff.

But What Will It Cost Me?

the answer is: not a lot