What you get

Your Own Challenge

You have complete control over the challenge; it’s your route and your time period. Choose one of our 50 worldwide virtual walks or get in touch to discuss a custom route.

Our routes have been carefully chosen to accommodate different team sizes and challenge durations. With routes from across the world, you may wish to walk across stunning, snowy Scandinavia for your Summer challenge and through the sunny Caribbean during Winter.

Your own private website is automatically created when you sign up and you can personalise this with your organisation’s branding. This is where your participants will register and add their activity.

Easy Communication

You can send email updates and push notifications directly from your admin website at any time, allowing you to send important messages out to your participants or weekly email challenge progress roundups.

Data and Reporting

Challenge administrators have access to a private admin website which allows them to see challenge statistics and export participant data.


We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing email support to you and your participants and taking daily backups of your challenge. Our UK-hosted websites and databases are highly secure and are monitored 24/7 to ensure your challenge is available all day, every day.

What participants get

The Website

Participants sign up and compete on your own private website. It’s mobile-optimised so can be used on any smartphone. Designed as the core user-facing aspect of Big Team Challenge, the website allows your participants to do everything they’ll need to do over the course of the challenge, from checking their team’s position along the virtual route on an interactive map, to creating teams and inviting their colleagues.

As users progress along the route, they’ll be able to see and read about the famous landmarks they’re passing and the cities they’re walking through.

The App

For participants with iPhones and Android devices, our app provides a convenient way of participating in the challenge while they’re out of the office. Whether it’s to quickly check their team’s progress or to record their walk to work, the app’s simple interface is the perfect way to participate while on-the-go. And for users who are doing their activity outside, the GPS tracker in the app allows them to easily record the distances of their walks and instantly add them to their team’s total.

For users with iPhone devices released since 2013 (iPhone 5S and later), our optional automatic step counting adds their latest steps to their team’s total every time they open the app. There’s no need to keep the app open and it doesn’t use up the battery.


As participants and teams progress along the virtual route they’ll unlock both personal and team achievements. These are designed to motivate users to finish the challenge and reward them for working together as a team.

Motivation and Teamwork

Teamwork and healthy competition are a central part of any Big Team Challenge. While participants work together to add to their team’s distance total, they can also see how well their team is doing compared to others on the challenge leaderboard. The ability to ‘favourite’ other teams allows participants to keep an eye on their colleagues and ensure they’re always one step ahead.

What will it cost us?

How many employees do you have?
How long will your challenge run for?