How it Works

Creating your own challenge

Big Team Challenge puts you in control of when, where and who. As the challenge organiser you choose what route to walk, when to start and when to end the challenge, and who is allowed to register to take part.

Big Team Challenge is designed to be fully automated. From signing up to challenge completion you’ll never have to wait for us to create your website or send out your email updates.

  • Instant online registration.
  • The ability to create and join teams.
  • A private dedicated website.
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • An interactive map for your challenge progress.
  • Easy entry of activity in steps, miles or kilometres.
  • Integration with Fitbit devices and Apple Health Kit.
  • Challenge and distance achievements.
  • A challenge news and updates facility.

Invite your participants

Once you’ve created your challenge, you’ll be able to invite your participants to register via a private website and our free app. During the registration process you’ll have chosen a challenge website name and this is what you’ll give to your participants.

You may wish to limit registrations to only those people who you invite directly via email or to require all participants to enter a short passcode when they register. This gives you control over exactly who is participating in your challenge.




Participants compete in teams with a maximum team size set by you. Once registered, a participant can join a team, create a new one or invite a colleague to their team.

When the challenge begins, users are sent an email and an app push notification. They’ll then be able to enter their activity in steps, kilometers and miles on both the website and app. As they add distance, they’ll see their team’s position along the virtual route update and their standing on the team leaderboard change.

As well as reaching milestones along the virtual route as they continue to add distance, participants will also unlock achievements and awards throughout the challenge, motivating them to keep walking and complete the route.

From your private admin website, you’ll be able to send out emails and app push notifications at any time. This allows you to keep your participants up-to-date with the latest news and send out weekly challenge updates if you wish to do so.

Wrap up

Once the challenge ends, participants will no longer be able to add distance but will still be able to log in to the website and app to see their team’s final position.

As the challenge organiser, you’ll be able to download reports detailing the positions of teams and the activity of users at any time. You may wish to use this data to send out a final news alert with some wrap-up statistics or even hand out prizes.


What will it cost us?

How many employees do you have?
How long will your challenge run for?